Methods To Improve The Efficiency Of The Package Shipping Process

New Year’s is a great time to eat healthier, exercise more and become organized. It is also an excellent time to improve a business by increasing the efficiency of a shipping operation. There are six excellent ways to make this happen.

The first method is to ensure the shipping processes are as efficient as possible. The selling season needs to be planned for including having all required shipping boxes made, peanuts and paper ready for use and the bubble pack already ripped. A lot of tasks can be accomplished ahead of time to prepare for shipping for holidays such as Christmas. Additional work stations can be added to double the shipping output. There are numerous options to increase shipping efficiency. The shipping can be organized so it always goes out on a specific day. It is important to make certain the customer understands what to expect.

It is more efficient to use standardized packaging. This will save both money and time because more packing material will be required if the box is too large. When the box is the wrong size, it will also increase the cost of shipping due to the combination of the dimension and weight. No business wants to overspend.

The shipping staff should know the inventory, where everything is stored and what type of box works best for each product. This is even more important if the business has hired part time employees for the busiest shipping seasons. A checklist can be very helpful along with follow up monitoring and training sessions. Some businesses use several part time employees in their shipping department. Scouts enjoy learning, do great work and are provided with exposure to the world of business.

Automated processes can be added to a business to increase productivity and efficiency. An automated paperless invoicing system reduces the time necessary for tasks related to shipping. Different types of forms take much less time to fill out with this type of system. When the business ships hundreds of packages on a daily basis, the time savings is important. Customers can be encouraged to register for different services by using the business website or provided links. This will let customers know the exact arrival dates for their packages so they can choose the right delivery details for their situations. This will greatly reduce the number of customers calling the business to check on their orders.

The business can post a delivery FAQ page on their website. This page can cover all the details for shipping including the time and the best ways to resolve any issues. The best ecommerce experience requires clear communication. Customers should always be kept up to date.

The sales cycles must be identified. Most people think about Cyber Monday and Black Friday but miss numerous opportunities available through ecommerce. This includes Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and even back to school events. A study revealed approximately one third of all consumers go online when shopping for back to school items. Different businesses are busiest during specific months depending on the products they are offering. The sales during the first quarter can provide an accurate accounting for the business for the rest of the year. Understanding the sales cycle enables the business to use more efficient shipping operations. This is accomplished with additional help and ensuring the items that sell the fastest are always ready to ship and in stock.


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